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on sunday im going to spend the day with justin in the city.
im exited. i havent seen him in ageeeeeees.
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today i got up. got ready. got on a train with shannon & matt. got to city. saw cait. had lunch. met up with tim, heather & mum. went to the place. watch england & canada play hockey. ohh myy goshh
2 great accents; all yelling. mhmm yeaah fun. good game. some canadian got hit in the face with the ball though.. not so great. that game was ok but no real noise or anythin.
then australia & new zealand played & the nz dudes did the haka(sp?) and then they started.
the whole first half was just back & forth back & forth with no goals.
second half we scored first & everybody went fuckin insane.
blah blah blah.
we won.
went nuts.
everybody basically left.
then they did a lap around the place & i stood there yelling & screaming while mum took photos.
AND. most exiting part of the day; i think. well ill give ya the background of it first..
for the olympics we had to choose an athlete to write to. and i wrote to this dude that played feild hockety. even though i didnt even know what feild hockey was. anyway; i got my reply & it was all awesome & i was pumped. then we went to the olympics & i made mum drag the whole family along to a game of feild hockey so i could see him & did.
anywayy. when i went today i saw him & was like "omfg"
and yelled & screamed even louder. booyaaaaa.

yep well.
games finished & we went to get the train & the dude doing anouncments was a pisser. freak.
im out.
somebody do somethign with me tomorrow.

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thats the second time this week that some dipshit has added me saying "want to trade nude pics" or "want to see my cock".
well. no. no i dont. fuck off loser. go get yourself a girlfriend. or beat off to porn. do whatever you want; but dont bring your sad, sorry ass to me asking stupid fucking questions.
go away. losers.

on another note:
another boy added me. his name is reece. hes funny. and has pretty eyes. and lives in NSW. wheeee. i<3reece.

i love this boy with the last name of coburn.
hotsex haha.
i wish he would get over this whole thing already.
i want the old josh back.
my angel. my baby. my innocent boy.
above smoking.
above drugs.
above everything bad.
i love you joshua keith.

i dont care what you do.
im gonna be by your side.
i wish it didnt come to this.
but it has.
and all i can do is watch.
i love you boy.

to everybody else
im totally bored.
justin thinks i hate him which makes me pretty damn sad.
im going to the hockey tomorrow for the commonwealth games.
i dont even know yet.

on the weekend
saturday im going to the gymnastics.
beforehand; im going to see justin in the city.
yesss. happyhappyhappy.

love you all.
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today i woke up at 11.
and was in a shit mood.
so i stayed in bed until 6.30pm.
got up.
sat around.
had dinner.
went on msn & myspace.
read something & wasnt happy.
talked to justin who made me smile.
he left.
im not smiling anymore.
im really not happy today.

joshua being my lovely spectacular awesome babyboy.
well. he started smoking. and told me he wanted to get high with some friends.
i just looked at the screen and then went back to talk to justin.
mr i hate smokers & druggies & i dont even drink alcohol much.
joshua keith i thought you were above that.
apparently not.
after i thought it through i sent him a message back saying that i hope he got through this & i badly wanted to be there for him.
and that im here if he needs me.
and i love him.

i really hope this is just a phase.
josh is better than smoking.
hes better than drugs.
hes better.
ill kill whoever got him into this.
ill kill them

the end.

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today was awesomee.

it started at 2am.
when i sat around talkin on the phone/radio to sam & michael.
good fuckin kids. they made me laugh a shitload.
and also made me stay up til 7am with them. gaahh. we talked about door. whether you fold or scrunch your toilet paper. why people were up at 4am. who should get the "sex police ;; spead 'em" hat. good shit jokes. stuff about mike & sam. stuff about me. random shit about josh & josh from works in theory. emos. myspace. music. ben lee. batteries that run out. people that kick you out of the toy section for playing with the toys. splurpees & nerds. slurpees in general. ice cream. cats. stalkers. how scummy scrunchers are. we talked about sms's that people sent in. and callers. except the sms's & callers we talked about off air so they couldnt hear us & get offended hahaha. good fuckin night. worth stayin up til 7am for.

ok so then i went to sleep & woke up again at 9.30am.
got ready & left with mum.
picked up my great aunt from church & drove her back to her home thing; helped her with some stuff then went to my aunt's place.
me, mum, my aunt, uncle & maddie (cousin) all went & got on a tram & went into the city.
met up with andrea (aunt), anth (uncle), kurt & samuel (cousins) and paul (andreas friend).
we sat around at the arts centre in the city, which has been turned into a beach, for ageees.
far out.
paul should just never wear a shirt. oh em gee.
too bad hes gay.
watched these two acrobat people do stuff. omg. wicked as they were fuckin awesome. so much freaking muscle!! emma, me & paul were like, glued to watching them. oommgg!!!

after that we went & had lunch/ice cream.
then went & watched some dude play at the gardens.
checked out some kid in acrobat schooling stuff practising.
um then we caught the tram back to my aunts.
drove back to bloody my great aunt's home & sat around there for an hour.
drove home.

maccas chips are the shit. clearly addictive.

doesnt really sound like the best day but i laughed heaps & had a good time.
gonna go back in in like a few days & take people with me & meet justin in there cos hes poo & wasnt in teh city today.

thats my day.
hope you all had one as loveeely as mine.

also i came online & started talkin to justin (slothy) almost immediatley. love that boy to bits me & him are heaps good mates now. fixed shit up ith chloe, ryan & john. thank gosh. im happy bout that. stuffed around talkin to justin.
emma cried about tim & that shes worried bout him. i dont have much to say on the matter.

matt, luke & hoody are just sitting in my lounge room doing nothing. watching some comedy thing on channel 31. oh joy.

yep thats about it. love you all.
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going over reeaalllyy old LJ entries.
and pretty much ive come to this conclusion;;

he was clearly the best thing to happen to my life.
that night after the seaford hall gig made me happier ever.
i miss him alot.

alana & jacqui are obviously my most supportive friends.

taffy always seemed to make my mood better.

dean was a wanker. stab stab stab.

boys clearly suck major ass.
cos they seemed to take my mind off more important things.
like, say; the best male to set foot on the earth (next to kris roe of course).

ghey ghey ghey

i want to rewind back to august last year.
thats when it all started going downhill.
if i hadnt have fucked up in august; id be the happiest little camper ever.

god damn it.
i hate looking back and thinking about what i could have done better.


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dinner party was good. yep.
vegetarian food is the shit <3
left to pick matt up. laughed at brogan walking around trying to find his lift.
hes a good kid. i havent seen him in ages and i wanted to jump out of the car & hug him.. but we were moving so yeaah.

new band discovery..
the lime spiders
get into it!

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